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Ai Nanasaki


Kanji Name 七咲 逢
Romaji Name Nanasaki Ai
Gender Female
Age 15
Status Alive
Date of Birth 2/21
Family Ikuo Nanasaki (younger brother)
Seiyu Yukana
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Ai Nanasaki (七咲 逢, Nanasaki Ai) is one of the main female protagonist of the story, and her story is in the 4th arc. She is a classmate of Miya Tachibana and Sae Nakata. She is also a student of class 1-A, and an aspiring member of the official Girls' Swimming Team.on the first episode of the amagami ss+ on her ark it is shown that she became the president of the girls swimming team


She has short black hair and purple dusky eyes. She wears their formal school uniform, also she is the only known girl to use a blue sweater instead of the beige one all the girls use, but she is mostly seen wearing a swimsuit as a part of the swimming team.


She tends to be a cold and reserved girl, hanging most of the time with Miya Tachibana and Sae Nakata, however when she meets Miya's brother, Junichi, despite having a low opinion of him at the beginning, she grows to love him. She possesses a cool and calm disposition. She has fans in school as well. She also acts her age, but sometimes she acts the opposite.

She has a younger brother called Ikuo.

She is a member of Kibitou Girl's Swimming Team, which is why she is wearing her swimsuit most of the time. Apparently she admires her captain, Hibiki Tsukahara.



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In her route, she is portrayed as a girl who places swimming above everything. Sees Junichi as a bit childish for his age, but he reminds her of her own little brother.

Best End

Her relationship with Junichi strains her swimming performance and puts her at risk of not being qualified for the tournament. They work things out and Ai manages to stay in the swim team. After the festival, they spend their Christmas in a hot spring in the mountains. Junichi realizes how much she means to him and confesses. She accepts and hugs him while their both in the spring. Many years later, they watch fireworks from their room.

Good End

Ai and Junichi spend Christmas at the school festival. He confesses to her on the rooftop and she accepts. They watch the lighting of the Christmas tree together.

Normal End

Many years later, they're both working in different companies. Ai is late meeting Junichi at a ramen stand because her boss chewed her out for not being married at her age. Junichi mumbles something about marriage while Ai smiles and asks him what he just said again.

Bad End

If Junichi stoods her up on Christmas, Ai is hurt and doesn't talk to him for a while, but eventually forgives him anyway. Many years later, they're talking to each other on a beach with his head on her lap. She realizes that she can never stop loving Junichi.

Character Songs


  • She has a habit of wearing a swimsuit under her school uniform.
  • In anime, her ending is mixed between best ending and bad ending. She and Junichi spend christmas in a hot spring in the mountains but in the last scene before credits she and Junichi were in the beach. Talking each other with Junichi head on Ai's lap

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