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Featured articles are special mini-articles that get displayed on the Main Page to highlight articles or topics of interest.

Adding a featured article

Step 1: Create featured article with current date

The new article needs to be within the "Detective Conan Wiki" project and formatted as follows:

  • Amagami SS Wiki:Featured article/Month date, year

For example:

Step 2: Make it live!

Edit Amagami SS Wiki:Featured article and change the redirect to your newly created page (e.g. Amagami SS Wiki:Featured article/March 1, 2011).

Step 3: Update the archive list

Go to the archive page of the featured article's year. For example, if the article is being created at some date in January 2011, go to Amamagi SS Wiki:Featured articles/2011 and add the article to the list.

List of featured articles by year