Hikari Tsuneki
Tsuneki Hikari
Name Hikari Tsuneki
Kanji 常木耀(つねき ひかり)
Romaji Tsuneki Hikari
Gender Female Female
Birthday November 30th
Blood Type O
Status Alive
Family Shouichi Kamita(Boyfriend/Future Husband in Hikari's arc)
First Appearance
Anime Seiren
Japanese [Ayane Sakura]
Image Gallery

A "modern day meddling princess." She is always cheerful and is the class idol of class 2-B at Kibito High School. She was the runner-up of last year's "Miss Santa Contest," and has an exclusive seat on the terrace. She loves to eat, and is occasionally stubborn.

Render Seiren Tsuneki Hikari 1 Render Seiren Tsuneki Hikari 2

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 常木耀00:21

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 常木耀



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