Ikuo Nanasaki
Nanasaki Ikuo
Name Ikuo Nanasaki
Kanji 七咲郁夫(ななさき いくお)
Romaji Nanasaki Ikuo
Gender Male Male
Birthday January 15th
Blood Type O
Status Alive
Family Ai Nanasaki(older sister)
First Appearance
Anime Seiren / Amagami SS / Amagami SS+ plus
Japanese [Yukana] / [Ryota Asari]
Image Gallery

in Amagami

Ikuo was 6 years old in amagami's season. Hqdefault

in Seiren

Shouichi's childhood friend who was a bit of a prankster in elementary school, but eventually grew into a more calm personality thanks to his elder sister's influence. His grades are top-notch.

Render Seiren Nanasaki Ikuo

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