Amagami SS is the anime adaptation of the popular dating sim, Amagami, and the History follows the story of Junichi Tachibana, a second-year high school student, or sophomore, who, two years prior the actual story, was dumped on Christmas Eve.

Since then he was viewed both love and Christmas with disdain. But now, he has the chance of choosing between these six girls: Haruka Morishima, Kaoru Tanamachi, Sae Nakata, Ai Nanasaki, Rihoko Sakurai, and Tsukasa Ayatsuji.

Note that the Amagami SS anime is special, since every four episodes we see a completely different story, featuring each one of these girls.


Haruka Morishima story arc

01. Longing (Release date: July 1, 2010)

02. Approach (Release date: July 8, 2010)

03. Jealously (Release date: July 15, 2010)

04. Romance (Release date: July 22, 2010)

Kaoru Tanamachi story arc

05. Bad Friend (Release date: July 29, 2010)

06. Bewilderment (Release date: August 5, 2010)

07. Betrayal (Release date: August 12, 2010)

08. Progress (Release date: August 19, 2010)

Sae Nakata story arc

09. Underclassman (Release date: August 26, 2010)

10. Training (Release date: September 3, 2010)

11. Change (Release date: September 10, 2010)

12. Lovers (Release date: September 17, 2010)

Ai Nanasaki story arc

13. Worst (Release date: September 24, 2010)

14. Heartbeat (Release date: October 8, 2010)

15. Transformation (Release date: October 14, 2010)

16. Confession (Release date: October 21, 2010)

Rihoko Sakurai story arc

17. Memories (Release date: October 28, 2010)

18. Assistance (Release date: November 4, 2010)

19. Succession (Release date: November 11, 2010)

20. Farewell (Release date: November 18, 2010)

Tsukasa Ayatsuji story arc

21. Discovery (Release Date: November, 25, 2010)

22. Inner Side (Release date: December 2, 2010)

23. Pride (Release date: December 9, 2010)

24. Promise (Release date: December 16, 2010)

Everybody is working so hard to prepare the Kibitou High School Founder Festival, with Tsukasa in charge, more than happy to see everyone so cooperative. Despite this, Junichi is a bit confused about the sudden change of Tsukasa's personality, wondering what happened. Wondering with his thoughts, his good friend Masayoshi, who is burning a love letter written years ago from a girl, makes Junichi come to his senses, and not to lost a love like he did.

This inspire Junichi to declare his feelings to Tsukasa during the committee after-party, also that he missed the former side of her. Angered, Tsukasa rebukes him about that declaration, stating that she finally is herself. Junichi responds saying that he loves that side of her as well, which makes Tsukasa throw him into the floor and break in tears.

Shortly, Tsukasa confesses to Junichi that she loves him as well, revealing him an anecdote: When she was a child, she realized that Santa Claus was not real by sneaking in the door, and seeing her parents putting the presents behind the tree, however after she saw the Christmas Tree of Kibitou High School Founder Festival, she promises herself to be Santa Claus in order to make the orders happy, understanding later that she did that for herself.

But now... Both Junichi and Tsukasa promise to make everybody happy during Christmas Eve.

Ten Years later, during the epilogue, they arrived to see the Christmas Tree in the same place they confessed along with their little daughter, stating that both are happy and that they wish everyone is happy on Christmas Eve.

Risa Kamizaki special episode (OVA) (December 23, 2010)

Miya Tachibana special episode (OVA) (TBA)