Ruise Sanjou
Sanjou Ruise
Name Ruise Sanjou
Kanji 三条るいせ(さんじょう るいせ)
Romaji Sanjyou Ruise
Gender Female Female
Birthday September 9th
Blood Type A
Status Alive
Family Rin Sanjou(younger sister)
First Appearance
Anime Seiren
Japanese [Honoka Kuroki]
Image Gallery

The "gloomy public morals committee member" who is in class 2-A at Kibito High School. As the chair of the public morals committee, she has the top grades in her year. She hates unreasonable things. She is strict to those around her, but has a soft spot for her underclassman Makoto.

Render Seiren Sanjyou Ruise

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 三条るいせ00:21

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 三条るいせ

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