Tomoe Kamita
Kamita Tomoe
Name Tomoe Kamita
Kanji 嘉味田 十萌(かみた ともえ)
Romaji Kamita Tomoe
Gender Female Female
Birthday May 20th
Status Alive
Family Shouichi Kamita(younger brother)
First Appearance
Anime Seiren
Japanese [Manami Numakura]
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The protagonist's only older sister and in class 3-A at Kibito High School. She was last year's Miss Santa. She has the personality of an air-headed idol, and she naturally charms others. Because of that she's very popular at her school.


  • Tomoe is the first anime character in the 2017 to have a bath scene.

Render Seiren Kamita Tomoe

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 嘉味田十萌

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 嘉味田十萌