Tooru Miyamae
Miyamae Toru
Name Tooru Miyamae
Kanji 宮前 透(みやまえ とおる)
Romaji Miyamae Tooru
Gender Female Female
Birthday March 2nd
Blood Type A
Status Alive
Family Sōta Miyamae(older brother) / Shouichi Kamita(Husband in Tooru's arc) / Unnamed Daughter(in Tooru's arc)
First Appearance
Anime Seiren
Japanese [Shino Shimoji]
Image Gallery

A "critical upperclassman." She is in class 3-A at Kibito High School. She loves video games, and her skill is at the level where she competes in tournaments. She is good with her hands and her hobby is to make original goods. She isn't very good at talking to others, and has a hard time continuing conversations with people who don't share her hobbies.

Render Seiren Miyamae Toru

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 宮前透00:21

TVアニメ「セイレン」 キャラPV 宮前透



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